Sommer 1052V00 1 HP direct driver Garage Door Opener Product Review

Sommer 1052V00 reviewThe Sommer 1052V000 is one of the best and upgraded garage door opener among the family of Sommer. This modern garage door opener is fully equipped with the up to date technology and ultimately offers the best and premium features that a person needs. The quality of the Sommer 1052V00 is remarkable that’s why it gets a lot of positive reviews from the users. Many people who use the Sommer 1052V00 gives the positive reviews to this garage door open which is the main reason for the success of this device. In the recent few months,s this device is getting over the sale.

The Sommer 1052V00 is equipped with the 1 HP motor which clearly depicts that it can easily lift heavy weights. Due to its high power motor, this device can perform perfectly with the overweight doors. The motor also offers the steady and streamline opening and closing of the garage doors.

With the up to date and latest technology, the device Sommer 1052V000 can easily open the garage doors having 8 feet height. Moreover, it can easily lift heavy load to the height of 10 feet with extra kit. If the height is 8 feet the user don’t need any extra kit. It will work perfectly with the build in the system. The device is very easy and simple to install even if you are doing the installation for the first time. It’s also consist of 2 button transmitters which add the real value of it. The Sommer Garage Door Openers offer an ultimate ease. The technology it in at its best and really astonishing. The device is really safer and secure to use. So parking a ride is never been so easy before. So what are you waiting for? Grab the Sommer 1052V00 1 HP direct drive Garage door Opener.

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Sommer 1052V00 Review

The device 1052V00 has remarkable features which increase its value and demands in the global market. And urging the users to leave the positive reviews. Here are the few highlighted features of this device. Walkthrough them turn by turn in order to explore the Sommer 1052V00 1 HP Garage door opener.

  1. The device consists of the 1HP motor which is quite powerful undoubtedly. This is an amazing feature of this device.
  2. The device doesn’t create any vibrations at the time of operations. That’s why it is perfect to use for the underground garages.
  3. Easy to connect with the Home Link.
  4. Equipped with the latest technology.
  5. Comply with all safety and security standards.
  6. Perfect to lift heavy loads.
  7. Safe rolling technology.
  8. Best to use for 8ft door height without any extra kit.
  • 1 HP motor is quite powerful.
  • Zero vibration.
  • Equipped with the latest technology.
  • Best to use for basement garage.
  • Doesn’t occupy any battery backup.
  • Limited remote range.

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