SOMMER 1042V001 Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Product Review

Sommer 1042V001 reviewYou are landed on this webpage because you are planning to buy the new Garage Door Opener. And you are looking for the best Garage door Opener. Then believe me your search ended here. After reading this direct driver Garage Door opener product review you will come to know that this is the ideal door opener for you. In the market, there are multiple type garage door openers like few of them work on the belt driver, other on chain drive and the major portion of the market occupied by the direct drive garage door opener. And Sommer 1042V001 is one of the direct drive garage door openers. The Sommer 1042V001 direct drive garage door opener offers the quite operations and more power as compared to others.

Sommer is one of the brands which offers the best quality and top-rated garage door opener. And Sommer 1042V001 is one of them, no compromise on quality and have the 4.5-star rating. The device is available in the market with the pocket-friendly price tag. Undoubtedly, the cheap and best Garage door opener is Sommer 1042V001 ¾ HP direct drive. The device is equipped with the heavy motor which offers smooth, steady and fast opening and closing of the doors.

The design of this unit is quite similar to the other devices which work on the chain drive mechanism. This device also uses the chain drive, but this chain drive is on the single move and in the direct drive devices profile the Sommer 1042V001 offer very low noise. It is also equipped with the 2 LED lights of 120 Watts which illuminate enough the drive path and offer smooth parking. It can lift the door up to 7 feet height. Compatible to work with the 10 feet height of door with extra kit. Moreover, it is equipped with the ¾ HP motor which is quite powerful and offers smooth and fast rolling of the garage door. It can easily lift up the heavy loads to be exact up to 500 pounds.

Another important thing which you must consider it is the lifetime warranty. Yes, the Sommer 1042V001 comes on the market with the lifetime warranty. In the warranty, they cover up the motor, spare parts, and railing of the door for the lifetime.

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Sommer 1042V001 Review

  • The device is equipped with the direct drive technology.
  • No need to step out of car open and close the Garage with remote control.
  • The device is equipped with the powerful motor of ¾ Horsepower.
  • The Sommer 1042V001 is equipped with the secure rolling technology.
  • Compatible to work with the home link.
  • Perfect to use for lifting door up to 8 feet but can also work with 10 feet with an extra kit.
  • Capable to lift load up to 550 pounds.
  • Highly demanded machine.
  • East to install.
  • Lift heavy load.
  • Remote control access.
  • Missing some latest and optional features for the user.
  • Few complaints of noise received.

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