LiftMaster 8365 Head Unit No Rail Garage Door Opener Reviews

LiftMaster 8365You are landed on this webpage because you are looking for the best Garage Door Openers. And today we are going to unveil one of the best Garage door openers which earned a lot of positive buyer’s reviews due to its features and performance. And undoubtedly it is the LiftMaster 8365 Head Unit Garage Door Opener. There are machine devices available in the market which are very useful to carry out the job of Garage door opening and closing but LiftMaster 8365 has no match. The device LiftMaster 8365 is one of the finest pieces of Garage Door Opener offered by the Top Rated Vendor LiftMaster. Here we are reviewing the LiftMaster 8635 unbiasedly. We will discuss the features and unveil some facts and figures about this machine which will help you out to make a quick decision of buying. Once you went through the whole review you will ultimately get the answer to this Question? Is it worthy to buy the LiftMaster 8365 Head Unit or not? If yes then how much worth it is?

Like many other LiftMaster Garage Door Opener, this Garage Door Opener has a unique design. The device is side-mounted which allows the device to move the chain without any hassle. That could be a big reason for you to add it to your wish list. The installation of the device is simple and easy. You can do it yourself by just reading the whole instruction manual. By reading the manual thoroughly you will come to know the mechanism of chain driver machine. But if you are not aware of them then you should hire an expert to do it for you. For this, you can call the support center for assistance and they will send their representative to you. The LiftMaster 8365 is completely portable and having less weight as compared to the other LiftMaster units.

The LiftMaster 8365 is equipped with the AC motor and this motor is the P3 motor and everyone knows P3 motors are dedicated to the Garage Door Opening device. The motor is efficient as well as consume less power in the standby mode. The AC motors offer more power than other motors. The capacity of the motor is ½ HP which is quite enough power for the steady and streamline opening and closing the Garage Doors. The device can easily lift the doors from 7 feet to 10 feet. That’s why the LiftMaster 8365 machine is highly recommended for the home use only.

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LiftMaster 8365 Review

  • The LiftMaster 8365 has the side-mounted design.
  • Equipped with the ½ HP AC motor. Which is quite enough to handle the doors opening and closing smoothly.
  • Work on the Chain Drive mechanism.
  • Equipped with the +2.0 Rolling technology.
  • MyQ Enabled which means can control the operation with the smartphone.
  • PosiLock makes the security of the device extraordinary.
  • Easily operates on 7 feet to 10 feet height garage Doors.
  • +2.0 Rolling Technology.
  • MyQ Enabled.
  • Side Mounted Design.
  • Chain drive mechanism is bit noisy.
  • Requires 828LM internet Gateway in order to get connected to the internet.

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