Best Sommer Garage Door Opener

Europe’s leading manufacturers stands Sommer because it is committed to the world-class service and an outstanding performance. Once you know what Sommer garage door opener is capable of then you would always prefer it. Below we are mentioning the 4 Best Sommer Garage Door Opener with all their features, pros, and cons. We hope you find this article helpful. Have a look at the review under:

Best Sommer Garage Door Opener

best sommer garage door openers

SOMMER 1042V003 Direct Drive 3/4 Hp Garage Door Opener 


  • It is quiet, durable and strong.
  • It has a simplified operation.
  • This direct drive garage door opener offers Europe’s leading innovative technology.
  • It consists of only one moving part, unlike conventional garage door opener that has a belt, screw or a noisy chain.
  • It also lacks virtual vibrations.
  • It also bears a soft start and stop technology for a smooth operation.
  • Motor instead of the back is located at the door of the opener which maximizes the power.
  • It has two x 2-button transmitters with it.
  • A wireless keypad and one interior wall station include in its kit.

It gives a smooth performance. It works silently with no vibrations. It is durable and strongly made. It is also featured with Europe’s leading innovative technology. It has increased power as its motor is located at its door and not at the back clearly the Best Sommer Garage Door Opener Its lights turns off after 3 minutes. Remote control units are small. Construction is all of the plastic instead of steel. Read full review here.

SOMMER 1042V002 3/4 hp Garage Door Opener 


  • Making its way in our list of Best Sommer Garage Door Opener is the Sommer 1042V002 Garage Door Opener.
  • It has a powerful and durable motor of ¾ hp power.
  • 7-8 ft. rail is included that is of door height.
  • It comes to the market with a full installation kit.
  • Also, Smartphone kit is included that opens, closes and monitors your garage.
  • No monthly fee or setup is there.
  • Two x 2-button transmitters are included as well.
  • Home link compatibility and customer service are also there.
  • It is durable and strong with simplified operation.
  • It bears Europe’s leading innovative technology as well.
  • With a soft start and stop technology, its operation is very smooth.
  • The power gets maximized with its motor located at the door instead of the back.
  • With its Smartphone control technology, you can get access to it via your internet from anywhere.

Its installation is very easy and quick. It comes with a Smartphone technology with which you can make an access to it from anywhere. Its operation is very simple and smooth. It is strong and durable in its construction. While it is operating no or little noise is produced. A few reports have been received about its issue in the sensors. Customer care service is not satisfactory. Read full review here.

SOMMER 1052V000 Direct Drive 1.0 hp Quiet


  • This Best Sommer Garage Door Opener has 1 hp motor that is a premium heavy duty motor for maximum performance.
  • Also, it includes a rail for 7 to 8 feet high.
  • It includes a full installation kit.
  • This garage door opener is very quiet with no vibrations virtually.
  • It is a perfect piece for the homes with living places above the garage.
  • It includes two x 2-button transmitters.
  • Also, an interior wall station is there.
  • For security, it has a Rolling Code Technology.
  • It is Home Link Compatible.

For security purposes, it has a Rolling Code Technology that would provide extra safety. For enhanced and maximum, a premium heavy duty 1 HP motor is there. For easy and quick installation, it comes with a full installation kit. Its performance is quiet and noiseless with no vibration virtually. Also, it is Home Link Compatible with which you can access your opener from anywhere via the internet. It is comparatively slower than the ¾ garage door opener. The lights may automatically turn off after every 180 seconds and it has no option to fix it. Read full review here.

SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener:


  • It is imported, made in Germany.
  • It is a quiet garage door opener with virtually no vibrations.
  • It has two 2-button transmitters.
  • Also, it comes with one interior wall station.
  • It is HomeLink compatible.
  • Its USA customer service is available.
  • Rolling Code Technology of 310 MHz is there for security.
  • A 7 ft. or 8 ft. door height is included.
  • Its full installation kit is there.
  • The fastening bolt is replaced with a pressure plate.
  • It has a strong traveling motor technology.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is tested for up to 100,000 times by an independent test institute.
  • We replaced the fastening bolt with a pressure plate.

It can be easily installed or replaced. Its motor technology is quite strong. For safety and security, it has Rolling Code Technology. It is available on market with a lifetime warranty. This garage door opener works quietly and smoothly. Costumers reported that its working is a bit slow. Its customer service is not satisfactory. Read full review here.