Best Liftmaster Garage Door Openers

We are hereby presenting you with the top leading garage door openers by the famous brand, Liftmaster. Reviews of top 7 are presented in such a manner that you for sure would be able to choose one in the end for your home or business and in no way, you would regret what you decide! So, no more delay lets dive in!

Best LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

Best LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster MT5011U Door Opener


  • On doors up to 14 feet high and up to 12 cycles per hour, it is made for heavy use.
  • Work on 115 volts so no adaptors needed.
  • It owns a standard three-push-button control for applying open, close or stop functions.
  • It notifies you whenever its maintenance is required.
  • It is quite durable with its NEMA 1 type electrical box construction and a powder coat finishing.
  • Its brushings are heavy duty and oil-filled.
  • Even after the power goes out, a limit setting can be enabled for an easy installation and adjustment.
  • A timer is also installed, so the door can close automatically with Time-To-Close.
  • Safety and security complaints can be made with all 325 requirements.
  • Up to 20 remote controls are there.
  • With the adjustable friction clutch, protection is there against the door and/or operator damage.
  • Also, it has a CPS-U monitored commercial protector system, clearly one of the best Liftmaster Garage Door Opener.

Its durability is improved. Installation is made easy. It comes with 3 remote controls. With standard 3-push button open, close or stop can be applied. It is provided with a protector system. It has no chain rail included. One has to read all the details to know about all its features. Read full review here.

Liftmaster 8500 Wall Mount Best Garage Door Opener 


  • It has a powerful 24 volts DC motor providing an ultra-quiet operation.
  • It has an easy wall-mount installation.
  • It adjusts forces to temperature fluctuations.
  • From the MyQ control panel, you can easily and electronically program the security codes.
  • Its powerhead enclosed gear case offers a continuous lubrication and protection for long-lasting life and a smoother operation.
  • It has a 6-foot power cord that makes a connection to the power source easier.
  • Its lights deliver 200 watts of light with the adjustable light time
  • It has the protector system safety sensors.
  • Also, it has a security + 2.0 rolling code technology assuring that a new code is sent every time the remote control is used. It comes to the market with a 5 years parts warranty.
  • It meets all UL325 requirements, again one of the best Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

It has an advanced safety and security system. You can electronically program the security codes. For ensuring every time a new code is sent, it has a rolling code technology installed. Its operation is quiet. Its construction is of durable material. The price is a little higher. Read full review here.

Liftmaster Elite Series T501L5 Review


  • It is a T-Style Commercial Door Operator.
  • They are optimal for the general industrial operations.
  • It has not included Rail in it.
  • It has MyQ Technology connectivity that enables you to secure your monitor.
  • You can also control your facility operator and lights with your Smartphone, tablet or via computer to have a greater peace of mind from anywhere via the internet.
  • This technology notifies you with the alerts being received as an email or a pop-up notification on your mobile device that greatly ensures your commercial door’s status.
  • You will need 828LM MyQ Internet Gateway to get connect with the MyQ Smartphone App.

You receive notifications and alerts about your door’s status, futuristic ain’t it? That’s why one of the best Liftmaster Garage Door Opener on our list. From anywhere now this garage door opener can be controlled with your phone or other devices via the internet. For general industrial operations, these are optimal and great. The MyQ App that it requires is free of cost to download. It is durably built. It comes with a 6 ft. cord and you will need an extension for plugging. It comes with only one car remote. Read full review here.

Liftmaster Model CSL24U Commercial Slide Gate Openers Reviews:


  • It has an LED diagnostic display for troubleshooting and simple installation.
  • Also, it is built with a Solar-ready Ultra-reliable System which is a simple solar conversion system that delivers power whenever you need it the most and maximizes solar performance.
  • It is a programmable auxiliary relay to which you can add additional features such as alarms, warming lights very easily.
  • It has a POSILOCK, that automatically powers this operator and when the door is pushed off of closed limit, it returns a gate to the closed position.
  • Also, it has a pre-motion warming alarm which becomes active 3 seconds prior to the gate motion.
  • Featured with Anti-Tailgate prevents unauthorized gate access.
  • Gate will get pause as the vehicle would pull onto interrupt loop or break a photobeam and gate will continue to close once vehicle backs up.

For simple installation, it has LED diagnostic display. In order to enhance solar power, it has a Solar-ready Ultra-reliable System. Additional features can easily be added to it. It has installed pre-motion warming alarm. It prevents unauthorized entry. Its capacitor goes out of order at times. It is heavy in weight. Read full review here.

Liftmaster 8365 Review


  • It has P3tm motors quite powerful, durable and reliable.
  • ½ hp AC motor of industrial strength is designed to meet your demands for steady performance and good lifting power.
  • In standby mode, for energy-efficient operation, it consumes up to 75% of less power.
  • It includes 2 transmitters.
  • It has a keyless entry.
  • Its MyQ Technology enables you to control and monitor your garage door opener safely.
  • With every click, a new code is sent to the garage via its security + 2.0tm system.

It is highly safe and secure. On standby mode, energy consumption is less. It gives a steady performance and lifting power. With MyQ Technology door opener can be controlled by the owner. It has no rail included. Customer service is not satisfactory. Read full review here.

LiftMaster 3280 Premium Series 1/2 HP


  • It has ½ hp AC motor belt drive system to deliver a smooth-running power.
  • You can monitor your garage door with the MyQ Technology.
  • Also, with this technology, you can control your garage door, this way its performance is reliable.
  • House lights can also be controlled remotely via your Smartphone, tablets or other computer devices.
  • It requires the LiftMaster Internet Gateway Accessory.

It offers you a smooth-running power with its ½ hp AC motor belt drive system. Your garage door can be monitored and controlled easily with the MyQ Technology it has. Its performance is quite reliable. This garage door opener can easily be installed. A wired keypad for this model is not available. It is sensitive to the sunlight. Read full review here.

LiftMaster 3265-267 Premium Series 1/2 HP 


  • This includes a ½ hp premium heavy duty motor.
  • Your security codes can now be electronically programmed with the Multi-Function control panel.
  • For faster wire installation, it owns powerhead Quick-ConnectTM terminals.
  • Its light power is 200 watts with the adjustable light time delay.
  • For easy bulb replacement, it has dual non-yellowing hinged light lenses.

For smooth and consistent performance, it has ½ hp heavy duty motor. The bulb replacement is easy with hinged light lenses. Wire installation is faster in it. Security is even advanced. Remote reception is not good. The technical support is not that much reliable. Read full review here.