Best Garage Door Openers 2018 Reviews and Buying Guide

best garage door openerHaving a garage is the safest place for your car which keeps it secure and safe. Having a best garage door opener along with that can save a lot of time getting in and out of the garage, right?

If you are already using garage door openers then it’s time to install a modern garage door opener which you can control easily with remote and few are Wi-Fi too. That said, either you pick a door opener to install for the first time or replace with the one you already have, we have compiled a list of top ten garage door openers to help you pick the right model.

Why would you listen to us? The market is saturated with a number of brands offering a number of models ranging from expensive to inexpensive models. Picking the right one can be confusing while there are different types of garage door openers with several different features.

We have crafted this list of top garage door openers by doing an extensive research for hours on different platforms to extract the right information for the buyers. This list contains best-selling high-end models which can be owned in budget price. Follow along these garage door opener reviews to pick your favourite model.

Best Garage Door Opener 2018

See this comparison chart of top garage door openers to differentiate between the different models.

Garage DoorsOur RatingCheck Price
Chamberlain WD832KEV
Editor's Pick
9.9/10 Check Price
Chamberlin PD512 Garage Door Opener9.7/10 Check Price
Genie SilentMax 7509.8/10 Check Price
Chamberlin WD1000WF Smartphone9.6/10 Check Price
Chamberlin WD962KEV
Editor's Pick
9,5/10 Check Price
Genie Excelerator 1HPc9.4/10 Check Price

Featured Garage Door Opener Reviews

For detailed insights read these garage door opener reviews pick the ideal garage door opener for your home.

1. Chamberlain WD832KEV

Chamberlain WD832KEVThe Chamberlain WD832KEV is the most powerful and quietest garage door opener. This great garage door opener from Chamberlin comes with high-tech features and allows you to control it using your smartphone. The reduced noise is possible due to the motor vibration isolation system which takes care of vibrations and makes it the perfect choice for having garage alongside the room.

Features MyQ technology which allows controlling and monitoring through a smartphone. Timer allows you to open or close the door as well as automatically close after one, five or 10 minutes in case you forgot to close it. Furthermore, it features sensors which keep it open while something is on a path.

Majority of the customers have praised for the quality, the performance it gives in the affordable price tag. The automatic close is the unique feature what makes this garage door opener system most effective. Additionally, this system comes with a lifetime motor, lifetime belt, warranty of five-year for the parts and one-year for the accessories.

Overall, this is a premium garage door opener with a handful of features and allows you to control it via smartphone. Automatic close with sensor makes it more comfortable and protective if you have kids around. The recommended choice for those who want the latest tech installed in their garage.

2. Chamberlin PD512 Garage Door Opener

Chamberlin PD512If you are looking for a budget garage door opener with the handful of features then Chamberlin is an ideal choice. It features a powerful 1/2 horsepower motor which does the job efficiently. There is a 100-watt bulb gives you overhead light giving you an indication to park the car safely.

Similarly, a pre-programmed remote control which contains only one-button and can be used from the long range. Additionally, safe sensors play the helpful role by projecting an invisible beam to prevent the door closing while objects are under it.

Once the door is closed, you should not be worried about the security as it uses Patented Security + 2.0 rolling code technology as well as PosiLock anti-theft protection giving you full protection of your vehicles and other stuff at the garage.

Overall, this garage door opener is low-cost and popular enough due to the performance, protection and security. All these things make it a worthwhile investment for the money.

3. Genie SilentMax 750

Genie SilentMax 750Those looking for a quiet garage door opener needs to get their hands on this Belt Drive garage door opener called Genie SilentMax 750 in order to get the prime level of noise reduction. The chainlinks might get rattled while being used, the smooth performance of the belt reduces the noise while the door slides upward and downward.

This garage door opener features a 3/4 motor, which is powerful enough to bear any garage door while making no noise in the garage and doing the job efficiently and quietly. This opener can lift seven-foot garage door and maximum of 500 pounds weight in the air.

It comes with a remote control as well as the automatic facility. Features a wireless keypad along with a dual remote control which makes sure that no one has access to this machine except you. Also doesn’t create compatibility issue with any in-car remote system which includes Homelink and many others.

Overall, this less noisy garage door opener is the best option for those looking for a noise-free opener at an affordable price with the decent set of features.

4. Chamberlin WD1000WF Smartphone

Chamberlin WD1000WF SmartphoneThere is a number of people who prefer to use the garage door opener with their smartphone rather than the remote control or any other method. Then Chamberlin WD1000WF is the perfect option to use your garage door opener through Wi-Fi connection while sitting in the car or standing outside.

This garage door opener comes with a battery backup which allows it to stay operation for about 72 hours in case the power remains out. The package also brings several other things including two three-button remote controls, a wireless keypad for security, LCD wall control to handle via smartphone and safety sensors which works only when something comes under the door while shutting the door off.

All things aside, Chamberlin WD1000WF comes with a decent 5-years warranty for parts, lifetime warranty for the motor and belt, one year warranty for the accessories of this garage door opener and same one year for the battery backup which helps in power outage.

The installation process of this garage door is easiest, in case you are beginner then get your hands on the instructions manual to know more about assembling it as well as configuring wifi connection and other technical stuff for operations.

Overall, the Chamberlin WD1000WF is the best wifi controlled garage door opener with almost similar price to others but offering cool features which makes it the best choice unit.

5. Chamberlin WD962KEV Garage Door opener

Chamberlin WD962KEVIf we talk about any top-end model in our list which brings all the features onboard which are identified separately in different models and with a slight uprise in the price making a huge difference in the price then Chamberlin WD962KEV Garage Door opener is a perfect choice.

Features an ultra quiet belt drive, which reduces the noise while sliding the door up or down and worthy for the money when you have a room attached with garage and don’t get disturbed. Comes with a battery backup to keep the door opened up in case the power goes out, allowing the maximum of 20 open and close cycles on the battery power in 24 hours time span.

Furthermore, comes with MyQ smartphone control technology which allows you to control the door using your Android phone or iPhone by installing an app. In addition, a safety notification is also received on your phone while you are away from home and someone opens or closes the door. For more comfort, an extra security feature automatically closes the door when a certain time period is passed. So if you forget to close the door it will be closed automatically.

Overall, saying this garage door opener an all in one wouldn’t be false as it brings all the features which are available separately in each door opener like noise reduction, wifi controlling, sensors, notifications and much more. All this becomes possible by just increasing the small price curve which doesn’t even makes a difference between those single feature models and in this multi-feature model making it best investment for the money.

6. Genie Excelerator 1HPc

Genie Excelerator 1HPcMany garage doors open or close slowly which can be irritating for some people. To eliminate this issue we have Genie Excelerator 1HPc which allows the garage door to open faster and those looking for the solution of this problem need to get their hands on it.

Outfitted with a direct screw which makes sure it’s safe, stable as well as opening and closing fast. It also comes with maintenance-free operations and the lifetime operator guarantee on the other hand. The installation process is much easier either you are the beginner of dealing with these gadgets from a long time.

The Genie Excelerator 1HPc comes with two remote and a wireless keypad so that you can easily open the garage door using a pin. A separate kit of smart-enabled which is sold separately can make it more effective. The Safe-T beam avoids accidents using infrared beam while the opening of closing the door.

Overall, this garage door opener has the special feature which makes it unique among other models. So it’s a solution for your problem then definitely invest in this garage door opener to open or close the door faster and get rid of the irritation.

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

Choosing the best garage door opener

Till now you must be aware of the fact that garage door openers offer special features like lift system, backup power source, the timer to automatically close the door for a defined time period. So before purchasing best garage door opener, you need to more about the noise, efficiency, power and other features of garage door openers and which one will be effective for the given tasks and can be owned in affordable price. Given below are the few considerations that you need to look for while purchasing best garage door opener.

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